A Quick Introduction to Korean Beauty

A Quick Introduction to Korean Beauty


The Korean skin-care regimen has risen in recent times, and by now, you must have heard a lot about Korean beauty, and might already have an interest in Korean beauty products, along with adopting its popular multi-step skincare regimen. Whether you have had an experience with Korean beauty or not, there’s so much to learn about K-beauty and what sets it apart from other products and regimens.


What is Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty?


At the most basic level, Korean beauty products are the ones that originate and have been made from Korea. These products embody the Korean beauty philosophy that goes into creating them. The products include essences, serums, ampoules, and all kinds of masks that ensure hydration and nourishment can be easily absorbed gently into the skin. With K-beauty, the emphasis is more on skin nurture towards getting the desired results, along with consistency in keeping to a highly personalized skincare routine.

The Korean Beauty 10-Step Skin Care Routine

To get the glow, Korean beauty follows a simple 10-step skin-care routine, that often involves a regular face wash, toner, and moisturizer regimen. This routine indicates a multilayered approach with a long-term focus. Here’s how the 10-step routine often goes.

1. Double cleanse with oil cleaners to remove oil-based impurities.
2. Follow up by double cleansing with water cleansers like non-stripping water-based cleaners.
3. Get rid of dead skin cells with an exfoliator, but don’t use it every day.
4. Balance PH and kick-start hydration with a hydrating toner.
5. Use essence to amp up hydration.
6. The most personalized step of your routine involves targeting the unique problem to be addressed with face oils, serums, and ampoules.
7. Use sheet masks or other hydrating masks once or twice weekly.
8. Next is eye cream which works on the delicate skin around the eye.
9. Seal it all in with a moisturizer.
10. The final and most important step of all is to apply sunscreens for the most UV protection.


Korean beauty is really the ultimate form of skincare, which involves protecting the skin and keeping it healthy all the time. Korean beauty is more than just looking beautiful and focuses more on caring for the skin as a way of taking care of the general body.


Article by Kim Lee , South Korean Editor of FCB

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