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Double Cleansing. How To Make It Work For Your Skin

Double Cleansing. How To Make It Work For Your Skin 

Double cleansing korean cleanser indiaOne of the hallmarks of the Korean skincare routine is the double cleansing step, as part of the original 10-step Korean skincare routine. While the buzz is in the air with people gushing how the step is a game-changer for the skin, apparently not everyone can benefit from the step (especially done incorrectly). So here’s how to make double cleansing work for your skin, and the precautions that you need to take. 

The double cleansing routine consists of using two types of cleansers within the same step, where you start with an oil cleanser for a minute followed by a water-based cleanser (usually foam-based) for another minute. 

The different types of cleansers that are used are based on the logic that the oily residue on our skin dissolves better with an oil-based cleanser, while water-based dirt can be washed off easily with a foaming cleanser. Combining them both and you can get rid of the total dirt and impurities that have been sitting on the surface of your skin, 100%. 

There’s no doubt that washing your face too much and too frequently can dry out the skin and causing the skin to react either by producing more oil to moisturize the derms (commonly happen to oily or acne-prone skin types) or gets super tight and irritated among dry and sensitive skin types.

The difference is since the first cleanser is an oil-based cleanser, the product is said to gentle and wonderfully nourishing for the skin that it won’t irritate even while it cleanses the grime, hard lodged makeup, and residual sunscreen (that have been mixed with sebum for hours), as well as oil-based pollutants away from the skin. 

To make the routine work, start with your preferred oil-based cleanser and wash your face for a minute or so (for the ingredients to truly work for your skin), emulsifying the cleanser throughout the process to make it easier for the foam-based cleanser in the next step to wash it off.

Generally speaking, this particular step works well with all skin types (and highly recommended for dry skin out there). Yes, even oily skin or acne-prone will benefit from the double cleansing method if done correctly. And this is especially true (regardless of your skin type) if you’ve been constantly putting on makeups and sunscreen daily that a foam cleanser unable to dissolve away the residue effectively, 

That said, doubling up the cleansing routine can still be perceived as ‘heavy’ for the skin so if this is true for your case, it’s okay to skip this step altogether. This is true for anyone with sensitive skin types battling an issue or two at the moment (such as severe cystic acne or rosacea) that can cause your skin to break out even more. 

To be safe, test out one time with double cleansing and see how your skin reacts afterward is the best way to determine if this step is what your skin will benefit from on a daily basis.

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