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Korean Beauty and Skin Care Terms You Should Know About

Korean Beauty and Skin Care Terms You Should Know About

The Korean beauty or K-beauty industry exploded on to the scene a few years ago. Today, every skincare fanatic wants to get in. However, there are some terms of the art that might be confusing as you come it. Here is a helpful glossary of terms you will find used often with K-beauty.  


An ampoule is simply a serum in the form of a concentrated shot. It comes often in small vials, which are broken then applied directly to the skin. The term ampoules refers to both the packaging and stuff inside it.

Double Cleanse

Double cleanse is the act of washing your face twice, first to remove makeup and second, to remove dirt/grime and sweat. It involves using two gentle cleansers (oil, then water) to deep clean the skin thoroughly but without stripping it.


This is a less watery and less creamy form of moisturizer. It can be used as a substitute for a moisturizer or in addition to it for more hydration.


In traditional K-beauty, after the toner is used to balance the skin, the essence follows, to hydrate it. They are both liquids but the essence is more viscous.


Though the name suggests moisturizers add moisture, they do not. Instead, they lock moisture in and are often used in the last step of your skin-care routine.


This term is commonly used instead of “mask” on Korean packaging. A “sleeping pack” is a mask you sleep in and not a knapsack for sleeping.

Sheet Mask

A sheet mask is a wet mask with holes for the eyes and mouth and placed on the face for 15-20 minutes, before removing it to get a super soft, glowy skin.


Serums are considered the real game-changers because they contain the most active ingredients like Vitamin C for skin tone, and appearance, and many other active ingredients.


A toner feels like fancy water on your skin and helps to balance the PH of the skin. It provides a little extra hydration before applying serums or moisturizers. There is a toner that does not hydrate called an “exfoliating toner.”

 Article by Naina Agarwal , Skincare Expert , FCB

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