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Purito From Green Cleansing Oil Review

Buy Korean beauty products india puritoWith all of the hype of cleansing oil and double-cleansing, my dry skin cringed hearing the words. I get the whole dry skin needs oil-based products but won’t the product and the routine make your skin greasy and oily than it should be? That said, after skimming through choices for an oil cleanser i settled on this one - Purito From Green Cleansing Oil - because my dry skin starts to get so itchy that at one point, it flakes and bleeds. So yeah, time to get it down to business let’s review the Purito From Green Cleansing Oil. Purito india Korean Skincare cleansing oil

 Apart from well-known Korean brands such as COSRX, Klairs, and Secret Key, I’ve been eyeing Purito for some time because of the whole purification approach in their . In fact, the name Purito derives from a combination of words "Purify" And "To”, that’s all about using natural ingredients for the majority of the formulation for healthy skin and the idea is certainly appealing.

 Honestly, I’ve been using too many products laden with preservatives for decades so anything that’s natural and yields effective results is what my skin truly needs.

Hence, the reason why i chose this brand instead of other mainstream K-beauty brands is the idea of cleansing oil in this product itself. Specifically, the formulation. With olive oil as the main ingredient, you have also oils from sunflower seed, jojoba, grape seed, and sweet almond that cover all of the goodness you’d expect from plant oils, and then some.

Using this oil cleanser is pleasant alright. All you need to do is to dispense enough amount on your palm and add a dash of water. Apply the cleanser directly to dry skin, massaging the product in a circular motion for a few seconds or so. This in turn will emulsify the cleanser to clean your skin from oil-based dirt, dead skin cells, and impurities.

You can follow the routine with a foam cleanser to do the double cleansing routine but for the sake of the review, I’m sticking with this oil cleanser solely for the nighttime routine. No worries as thanks to lockdown i won’t be worrying about too much grime and dirt.

 After the cleansing routine, my skin felt considerably good. There’s no tightness feel that is commonly associated with dry skin, and the surface feels moisturized upon touch, with no flakiness visible insight.

Korean Skincare Purito india buy cleansing Oil

Tested out the next night with light makeup applied earlier that day and this oil cleanser does a good job to purge out the cosmetics; you only need to massage the cleanser onto your skin a bit longer to ensure all of the makeups are removed effectively.

Plus, what i love about the product is you need a bit of the cleanser for the whole face that even if you do double cleansing one bottle can last you for a few months - a bonus point here.

Would i use this oil cleanser consistently?

Definitely! I’m thinking of sticking this oil cleanser solely for the nighttime routine as there’s not going much at the moment (i pretty much stay indoors working from home).


 The cleanser does give my skin a moisturized, supple, and smooth texture that i hope means my skin is receiving all of the goodness from the plant oils in the formula, healing the symptoms imaginable from dry skin type. No more itchiness is indeed welcomed!

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My Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
By Saloni M.

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