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The Top 3: Add These Korean Skincare Secrets To Your Routine!

Korean Skincare secretsThe Top 3: Add These Korean Skincare Secrets To Your Routine!

Thinking of achieving healthy skin as the Korean ladies do? You’re not alone. With their beauty products seems to be the ‘it’ in skincare for this few years, it looks like the Koreanconcept of beauty is here to stay and we couldn’t agree more. To start a routine doesn’t mean you have to stock up all of the products in one go; adding what works for your skin is the key, and you can start by knowing the top secrets Koreans do in their skincare routine. 

Cleansing routine

In a Korean skincare routine, the cleansing step is the hallmark of the regimen and plays a huge role in determining the health of your skin. It's a no-brainer; no matter how expensive the serum that you’re using, it would go to waste if your cleansing routine is subpar since the product is unable to absorption well into the skin as it gets mixed with dirt, excess oil, and impurities (ew).

Hence, we get to know with the double cleansing routine, done twice a day. 

Specifically, by using two different kinds of cleanser - the oil-based followed by a water-based cleanser. It’s obvious as a water-based cleanser unable to purge out dirt and impurities that have been mixed with sebum so you need an oil-based face wash to do the job. A result, a squeaky clean and nourished skin; definitely something that you should add into your skincare routine. 

And get this the Korean beauty culture put such an emphasis on cleansing that they even come up with a powder cleanser to make the routine easier, especially when you’re traveling (what more since at the airport when carrying liquid is restricted). 

Intensive hydration

Hydration is a big thing in Korea and that’s where we get the whole ‘glass skin’ and ‘ cream skin’ trend is about. Apart from making sure you get enough water from your diet, Korean beauty culture dictates hydration should come from the skincare products as well, to achieve radiant, supple, and youthful-looking skin. 

And this secret is not limited to dry and sensitive skin (as western beauty ideas would say) as water would lessen the irritation and chances of breakout; all types of skin will benefit from intensive hydration as this will not only make the skin healthier (after all, the skin cell consists 70% of water) but you’ll delay aging signs as the skin is plump up with high water content. 

Achieving hydrated skin is not just with moisturizer alone; you can add products such as essence and serums or even hydrating toners and layering them accordingly to deeply hydrate your skin. 

Using innovative ingredients in a skincare routine

We’re betting that through Korean skincare products that we get to know a plethora of ingredients that are unheard of before. I mean, something as in snail mucin would make us do a double-take but they do work wonders for the skin, so much that several brands began featuring the ingredient in their skincare line.

Apart from the infamous snail mucin, we also get to know bakuchiol as the gentler alternative to retinol, galactomyces, as well as centella asiatica. These ingredients serve as the key element in the respective products, and the unique feature about Korean skincare is the key ingredients come in high concentration and yet, quite gentle for the skin. This combo is used to be unlikely before where high concentration means it’s abrasive and only through dermatologists’ permission but nowadays, your skin can enjoy quick results without any worry of irritation, how about that?

This is no surprise coming from the Korean beauty market that’s extremely competitive hence, finding new formulations and ingredients is the goal to achieve healthy skin. For us as the customers, this is a heaven-sent as we can get the goodness in the products to address any skin concerns that we have, with immediate effect. The key is to find which active ingredient will work to heal any issues for your skin and add it into your routine, starting with essence/serum to boost the efficacy in the daily regimen. 

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