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The Face Shop

The Face Shop started in South Korea in 2003 and has grown to become one of South Korea’s biggest cosmetic and retail company with more than 3000 stores opened across more than 35 countries, which include the USA, Canada, and the Middle East.

The Face Shop is Korea’s most successful and popular beauty brand with its famous tagline: “Natural Story’. Its products provide beauty solutions curated for the body, skincare, bath, and make up for both women and men.


The Face Shop is Korea’s leading beauty company committed to nature creating products from more than 600 natural ingredients, which include plants, flowers, grains, fruits, mineral water, and oriental medicine for the nourishment and revitalization of the skin.




As a beauty company inspired by nature and the belief that everyone has a natural beauty inside them waiting to be revealed, their core values include Naturalism: a commitment to providing products made from the finest of natural ingredients, Variety: a dedication to making a wide range of products that satisfy the need of every customer, And finally, Value: the brand continues to grow its reputation for providing, safe, and effective products at affordable prices.


Face Shop introduced its brand identity in 2015, which is a circular emblem that depicts Demeter, the goddess of beauty and the brand’s logo around her describing their heritage. This elegant new symbol that is instantly recognizable is based on the timeless beauty of nature and their desire to deliver endless beauty to customers.