Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Flawless Coat Boutique


This Privacy Policy contains information regarding how personal data is processed by FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE. As a responsible party in the data transfer process, this data includes information supplied when accessing, registering, and buying items on our site This Privacy Policy applies to your use of this website alongside the Terms and Conditions.


When you access or use any of the services of this website, you agree and consent that we will collect, process, and communicate your personal data according to the terms set out in this Privacy Policy, and as described in our Terms and Policy.


FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE, the party responsible for handling all personal data, has taken all necessary measures for the proper processing of such data. This ensures it can offer users precise, detailed and clear information on the processing of data executed, the purpose, conservation policies and the different ways they can exercise their right to access, rectify, delete, transfer, and limit the processing and revocation of their consent in accordance with the law.




The data processed by Flawless Coat Boutique was collected from you through:


(1) The various forms that you fill out when browsing our site (this includes the user registrations forms used when purchasing products, contact forms, and so on) or

(2) Send an email query.


In the event that you provide third-party personal information, you confirm that the party has been informed of this Privacy Policy, and their authorization has been obtained to allow you to provide their data to FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE for the purposes stated below.


We also inform you of the likelihood that data will be processed from social networks when FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE has a corporate profile, all of which will be in accordance with the terms of service as established in each social network.


It is mandatory to provide data on forms on the website, and failure to do so means we cannot process your request, whether this refers to your registration as a user, receiving information, subscription to our Newsletter service, or any other service we will provide on our website from time to time.




Based on the products and features available on the website, we have no choice but to collect or process data of all sorts. Generally, the kinds of data we process are:


  • Identification of data(this includes name, address, language, contact details, and shipping details).
  • Financial information or data that is related to orders made, returns, etc.
  • Data connection, browsing, geolocation, etc.,
  • Commercial information
  • Information that concerns tastes and choices.


When we ask that you fill out your personal information to provide access to a website feature or service, some fields will be marked as mandatory since this is data that needed to provide the service or enable us to give you access to specific features. Please note that if you decide that you will not provide this information, you may not be able to complete your registration as a user, or you may find it difficult to enjoy those services or features.




To manage user registration: Upon registering as a user on the website, you will first have to provide us with identity information, like your username, and email address for the registration process and to allow access to your personal account features. The legal bases for which such data is processed is based on user consent. Your data will not be tampered with as you become a member of our community and are registered unless there are other applicable deadlines.


For sales contract development, compliance, and execution for services contracted with us on the website: This also includes managing shipments of purchased products.


Communications: You may receive emails, messages, and other communication from us in regards to technical issues and changes thereof. These communications are considered part of services, and you may decide to opt-out of them at any time.


Commercial Communications:When you subscribe to our newsletter, we may contact you with your information, either through electronic and non-electronic means, conduct surveys, manage subscription, which includes sending personalized information about products based on stats and/or browsing preferences. If you decide to stop your subscription, there is information guiding you in each newsletter,

The processing of personal data by FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE, in accordance with applicable regulations, is based on your consent given at the point when your personal data was collected when provided to us voluntarily through the different data collection mechanisms on the WEBSITE.




Manage your user registration: It is necessary for your data to be processed for the executions of terms that govern the use of the website. For you to register as a user on the website, we will process your personal information, because we could not otherwise manage your registration. If you choose to access the website by logging in from social network sites, it is in our rights to process your data given because the consent was given at the time the transfer of your data from social network sites was authorized.


Compliance and execution of the contract: It is necessary that your data is processed for the sales contract linking us to you.


Customer Service: We are obligated to answer any question you pose to us through the various means of contact that we have provided on the internet. If these questions are in relation to purchases made, we will process your data by following the legal obligations on our part.


Commercial Communications (advertising): The legitimate legal basis you give us for processing your data for the purpose of marketing is the consent you give us, which include when you subscribe to our newsletter and agree to receive personalized information.




How long we keep data is dependent on the purposes for which we process them:


  • To manage your registration as a user: the length of time when you maintain your status as a registered user.
  • For sales contract development, compliance, and execution:Within the time of purchase management, which includes possible returns or related claims. Data from invoices or proof of purchase will be kept for up to six years until the expiration of our legal obligations for commercial matters and taxation.
  • To manage communications and customer service:Within the time needed to respond to the request.
  • Commercial Communications (advertising):Until when you unsubscribe from the newsletter.


Be that as it may, we will continue to keep subsequent personal data stored properly and well protected during the period of time that responsibilities stem from processing which may arise, in compliance with current regulation all the time. On the expiration of the possible actions, we will then delete your personal data.




Generally speaking, FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE will not share your personal information with third parties unless we are under legal obligations to do so or unless expressly authorized to do so or by using our services.


However, to fulfill the purposes as described in this document, we will inform you that some entities that provide services to us could access personal data, such as:


  • Financial institutions or electronic payment services.
  • Shipping service providers and/or transport.
  • Technology service providers.
  • Web analytics service providers.
  • Marketing and advertising service providers.




We pledge that we will respect the confidentiality of your personal information and guarantee that these rights will be exercised to the fullest. Regardless of what purpose or legal basis under which data is processed, you have the following rights:


  • Right to Access: You can request to learn about and receive information with regard to how personal data will be processed.
  • Right to Correct: You can request error corrections, data modification that is incomplete or inaccurate, and ensure accuracy of information being processed.
  • Right to Deletion: You can request the deletion of data to be processed.
  • Right to oppose: you can request that your personal data is not processed, or terminated.
  • Limitation of Processing: You can request the limitation of the processing of data, under certain circumstances, in which case it shall be kept only for the exercise or defense of claims.
  • Data transfer: You may request to receive data that concerns you and that you provided us with or as long as it is technically possible- that we send them to another processing party of your choice in a manner that is structured and machine-readable format.
  • Right to not to be the object of automated individual decisions: You have the right to oppose being the object of a decision based on automatic processing.


Your consent can be withdrawn at any time you wish, without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing.


If you desire to exercise any of the rights as set forth in this document, please send us an email address to FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE through the address



Minors: Our services are intended exclusively for those above 18 years of age, so anyone under that age is not permitted to register and use them. This is why there is not a parental authorization system that allows people of below 18 to access this platform, and if you register on the platform, you guarantee that you are above that age. We reserve the right to request an ID to guarantee that the user is within the acceptable age range, remove or disable any account of a child that age, or when the documentation requested is not provided within the time limits established in this request.


Accuracy: The user declares that the personal data supplied to FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE is accurate and up to date. However, FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE always updates its databases and blocks out all unnecessary or ineffective data like email account returned by the server as nonexistent or deleted.


Security Measures: FLAWLESS COAT BOUTIQUE will adopt in its information system the appropriate technical and organizational measures that comply with the principle of pro-active responsibility to ensure data stored is secured and confidential, thus avoiding any loss, alteration, or unauthorized access.