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SCENTIO-Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Hand Cream

SCENTIO-Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Hand Cream

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Beauty Buffet Whitening Q10 Hand Cream is rich with Pure Milk Protein Extract and Intensive Coenzyme Q10 that help comfort hand and nail skin for longer smooth, milk and moisturized skin. Contains hydrolyzed milk protein and milk essence, nourish and brighten complexion, to increase softness and suppleness of skin. Both Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E have excellent anti-oxidant effect, it can not only delay cell aging and supply enough water for your hand skin continuously but also keep a dewy skin texture. Its delicate texture gives you a fresh and comfortable hand care experience that refines skin immediately.

Fast Facts:

  • Pure Milk Protein Formula nourishes skin which is dry and lacks of special nourishment with non-tenacious creamy texture, mild fragrance.
  • Smooth and mild touch, nourishes hand and nail skin with value of milk protein causing feel of moisturized skin.
  • In combination with CoenzymeQ-10 that helps protect skin from external pollution for skin with naturally juvenile and wrinkle lessening look.
  • In combination with vitamin C and B3 that makes look of bright, smooth, likely touching skin, together with collagen and aloe vera that improve skin moisture, help longer moisture, prevent skin from irritation.
  • The outcome is the delicate, smooth and likely touching skin.

Perfect for: It is suitable for all skin types.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) SCENTIO-Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Hand Cream

  • Hydrolyzed milk protein: Deep nourishment, brightening the skin tone.
  • Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E: Anti-oxidation, keep the skin moist and youthful.

How to Use:  

Step 1 Take some hand cream on the back of your hands.

Step 2 Massage the entire hand and fingers.

Note: Use as often as needed.

About the Brand:

Scentio is one of the premium brands of a beauty company from Thailand, namely beauty buffet. Scentio products have gone viral among Indonesians. These products are BPOM tested and are very safe to use. Beauty Buffet is Thailand's prime skincare brand. It integrates between the concept of breakfast buffet and cosmetic retail sales in order to create an outstanding uniqueness. It has a wide array of products ranging from a face mask, face scrub, face serum, body mask, body scrub, body serum, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Not only do the products have buffet style ingredients and variety to choose from, but also they are packed with advanced treatments that give the skin complete care.


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